At CryoChoice, we understand the courage and dedication from our

We understand that this courage and dedication comes with great risk of harm in the line of duty.  CryoChoice is here to help these heroes balance the commitment to their duty and to family, even if that family is in the future.  

Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, and other First Responders choose cryopreservation, not only due to the high-risk nature of their line of work, but for the opportunities for conception it provides during frequent and prolonged separation from their partners.

High Risk

Clients in these careers risk potential death, bodily harm and injury, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and extreme environmental conditions.  It is highly recommended they store their sperm, as an accident that results in infertility or low fertility or a prolonged separation from their partner is a real possibility.

Preserving sperm provides greater flexibility for service members to decide when to start a family should unexpected deployments make family planning uncertain.

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