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We’ll take it from here. Choose a kit tailor-made just for you. Simply collect in the comfort of your home. CryoChoice is convenient, affordable, time-saving, and private.

CryoChoice is the #1 Private Sperm Bank in the industry. We are the first company to offer a cost-effective, at-home collection kit, which has revolutionized the preservation of fertility.

CryoChoice is FDA registered and has processed and stored thousands of samples for fertility treatments. Established over twenty years ago, our lab has collaborated with over 250 physician clinics, logging over 1,000 successful inseminations. Our clients have the peace of mind knowing we provide the highest level of security which includes:

You can produce your sample on your own time in the privacy of your own home. You are not under any pressure or immediate time constraints to donate your sample. You can decide when the time is convenient for you.

Privacy is what clients appreciate most about our home collection kit system.  Producing a sample in the privacy of your home not only avoids potential embarrassment, but it can also lead to a better and healthier sample.

Using CryoChoice eliminates an expensive visit to a fertility center, as our costs for processing and storage are typically far less than traditional sperm banks.  See our pricing and payment plans to learn more.

With CryoChoice’s home collection kit, a physician’s visit prior to producing and submitting your sample is unnecessary.  This saves you time and money, as there is no time away from work and unnecessary travel required.

just for you.


We have created a unique system using a preservative that allows your sample to be collected at home, then transported overnight and processed in our lab.


Implementing the leading cryogenic procedures and processes, our lab has logged over 1,000 successful inseminations.


Samples that have been stored for decades have been used in creating successful pregnancies.

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