Kit Contents

All paperwork, collection supplies and even the CryoChoice box are labeled with your unique, identification number. This provides positive identification between your computer record, paper forms, and your sperm sample. Samples should be collected and shipped to the lab only Monday – Thursday. 

*Do not collect more than one sample per day. 

How to Collect?

Half an hour prior to collection, remove pink sperm preservative from the refrigerator and place it on counter at room temperature.


The greater number
of vials....

The greater number of vials stored, the greater success rate for conception. The best specimen is produced when a short period of 3–5 days of abstinence is observed.  A more prolonged period does not yield better results. One ejaculation (sample) will typically produce an average of approximately 3 vials of sperm.

Depending on the fertility method you choose later down the road, your fertility provider will require anywhere from 1-3 vials per attempt at conception.

Storing more is best due to outlying factors, other than sperm, that can make conception difficult. CryoChoice recommends each client enroll for the discounted multi-kit option. The greater the number of vials stored increases your chance for a successful conception (or two, or three!). If one sample is all that is needed, a refund is offered on any unused kits ordered.

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