Scientists believe that sperm cells can survive indefinitely once they are frozen, as long as the temperature remains stable.

At -196 degrees, activity stops, and sperm goes into suspended state, preventing it from degrading or aging. Which means your sperm remains healthy and ready to use for as long as you need it. This gives our clients unique control over family planning and personal fertility.

Your physician will meet and share the various types of fertility treatments available and determine what method is best for you to conceive. ​

During this time, you will be sent a release form that will require your signature and that of a notary signature to verify that you are the one requesting your sperm samples being released.

You will be notified when the samples are arriving to your fertility center. CryoChoice is proud to provide a secure option for preserving your future.  For many patients, private sperm banking offers the opportunity to keep a precious resource tucked away as they move forward into the future.

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