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A great resource for discovering how sperm freezing preserves your fertility and expands your family-building options

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The CryoChoice advantage

CryoChoice is the #1 Private Sperm Bank in the industry and the first company to offer a cost-effective, at-home collection kit, which has revolutionized the preservation of fertility.

  • State-of-the-art lab offering
    the highest quality and long‑term protection
  • Personal care from our experts to serve you better
  • Flexible sperm storage options to meet your family‑building needs


“The customer support at CryoChoice was something I've never expected in an online business. No hassle, no pressure, just stellar services, and information. Thanks again.”

- J. Reeves Houston, Texas

“Thank you for convenient, discrete, and quality service.”

- M. Shapiro Sarasota, Florida

“During a difficult time in my life, CryoChoice made my choice to go through chemotherapy a little bit easier. Thanks.”

- K. Chandler Palo Alto, California

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