Hormone Replacement or Transgender

Transitioning can be an exciting time in your life, and CryoChoice would like to help you along this journey. 

For some transfeminine individuals going through the transition phase, hormones play an important role in this process; however, some hormones can permanently alter your body, which could stop or change your sperm production.  In hindsight, hormones could make it impossible to produce your own biological children in the future, and this is where CryoChoice is here to help.

The Transition

If you identify as transfeminine, or you are in the process of transitioning, private sperm banking may be an option for you.  Preserving your sperm could give you the opportunity to have your own biological children in the future.  You can preserve your sperm any time after puberty, which is generally between 12 and 13 years of age.

Because hormones can greatly impact your body’s sperm production, it is highly recommended that your sample is collected before any hormones have been consumed; producing a sample a after you have begun taking hormones could give you little to no sperm cells to save. At this time, insurance companies do not cover the cost of private sperm banking; however, CryoChoice offers payment plans to assist with the cost of the collection and storage.


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Reason For Storing?

Affordable & Private Sperm Banking

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You can produce your sample on your own time in the privacy of your own home.  You are not under any pressure or immediate time constraints to donate your sample.  You can decide when the time is convenient for you.

Privacy is what clients appreciate most about our home collection kit system.  Producing a sample in the privacy of your home not only avoids potential embarrassment, but it can also lead to a better and healthier sample.

With CryoChoice’s home collection kit, a physician’s visit prior to producing and submitting your sample is unnecessary.  This saves you time and money as there is no time away from work and unnecessary travel required.

Using CryoChoice eliminates an expensive visit to a fertility center, as our costs for processing and storage are typically far less than traditional sperm banks.  See our pricing and payment plans to learn more.

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