3 Collection Kits – Standard Testing


THREE Collection Kits – Standard Testing

  • Free 1st Year of Storage
  • Priority Overnight Shipping To Our Lab
  • All Lab Processing
  • Sperm Count Testing
  • Motility Testing
  • Vials Equalized
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The CryoChoice 3 STEP System:
  • After enrolling, your home collection kit is shipped out the same business day. It arrives inside an unmarked UPS wrapper.
  • You make your sample in the specimen cup provided, while in the privacy of your own home.
  • Drop your Collection Kit off at your local indoor UPS location. It will be delivered “Priority Overnight” to the lab in its generic wrapping.
Collection Instructions:

Collection & Transportation
Your kit will arrive priority overnight via FedEx Express. It will contain complete and detailed instructions about how to collect your sample and ship it back to the lab. It will include a specimen cup and a container of non-hazardous sperm preservative. Upon receipt, you will need to store the preservative in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. It is important to remain abstinent / refrain from ejaculating for at least three days prior to (but not more than five days prior to) producing your sample. Collecting within this time frame allows your body to produce the largest, healthiest volume of ejaculate possible.
You must produce your specimen Monday-Thursday only. It is best to do this late in the afternoon, 3pm-4pm. These days and time frame will optimize your final sperm count and motility. After you ejaculate into the specimen cup, you will :
• Add the preservative to your cup.
• Gently swirl it around
• You will then complete the enclosed Collection Worksheet.
Place the completed Collection Worksheet into the CryoChoice box for shipment back to our lab with your sample.
To ensure privacy, the box slips into an un-marked FedEx envelope. You will then take your package to your nearest FedEx location, or any other indoor, manned FedEx location. Never drop the package in a drop box. Finally, you will get a status call from us within 48 business hours of receiving your sample.

Processing fees


Promo Discount


Annual Storage



  • Sterile specimen collection cup
  • Sperm preservative
  • Collection Worksheet
  • Detailed collection and shipping instructions
  • Pre-paid return shipping label & shipping envelope

All paperwork, collection supplies, and even the CryoChoice box are labeled with your unique identification number. This provides positive identification between your computer record, paper forms, and your sperm sample. Samples should be collected and shipped to the lab only Monday – Thursday. 

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