Infectious Disease Testing

Infectious disease testing should be performed within 90 days of your last sample being submitted. California residents have 7 days.

Infectious Disease Testing, this is a FDA requirement for the fertility clinic to use any sample for fertilization treatments. Any sperm preservation company you chose, should advise and educate you on this release requirement. You will only need one blood test report for your account, it will cover all samples submitted with the account. 

You are able to have any lab of your choosing perform the blood testing, including your primary doctor or physician or companies such as LabCorp.

you can also request an additional infectious disease testing kit.  There is no additional charge for this kit until you decide to utilize it and send it in for testing at which time your credit card will be charged when the kit arrives to the lab for processing.
Our Infectious Disease
Testing Process

We offer a lab service for processing the blood work; you will need to have drawn your blood by any phlebotomist service and shipped to our lab using the pre-paid shipping label and bag provided inside the kit. There is a $199 non-refundable processing fee. You will only be charged $199 if you choose to have our lab process your blood work.  There is no additional charge if you choose not to use our lab for processing.

Required Blood Work

To take advantage of this service, follow these 4 easy steps.

Or if you prefer, you can have a provider or laboratory of your choice perform the required testing. Just fax us the results at 404-795-9126. The following tests are needed for your infectious disease profile:

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