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Infectious disease testing is not required to store your sample; however, it will be required to release or use your sample in the future. Most fertility clinics require infectious disease testing to be completed within 90 days (7 days for California residents) of your last collection. CryoChoice offers an infectious disease testing kit as an optional addition to your service for $199 . Contact a CryoChoice  Customer Service Specialist for more details. 

Unused Kits – Within fifteen (15) days from purchase and before your sample has been processed, you may request a refund. All monies paid will be refunded minus a $75 Kit Fee (per kit) and shipping charges.

Used Kits – Within seven (7) days of your sample being processed, you may request a refund if your sample is not viable for storage. All monies paid will be refunded minus a $199 lab processing fee, a $75 kit fee (per kit) and shipping charges.

If you ever wish to retrieve your sample(s), simply contact CryoChoice. We will send you a Withdrawal Form to begin the process. Our CryoChoice Fertility Logistics Specialist will coordinate with your Fertility Clinic to arrange the logistics.  A shipping and release fee will be assessed, and your sample will be prepared within 4 weeks of your request.

Your account must be in good standing and all shipping and release fees must be paid in full prior to your sample being released. These shipping and release costs include retrieving your sample(s), preparing the vial(s) for shipping, filling the cryogenic shipping tank with liquid nitrogen coolant, delivering your sample to the requested facility within the United States and returning the cryogenic shipping tank back to our lab.  

Contact us. We will guide you through our Account Termination process.  We will send you an Account Termination Form to complete and have notarized.  CryoChoice charges a $150 Account Termination Fee.  Submission of your Account Termination form must be made sixty (60) days prior to your annual renewal date to avoid incurring the annual storage renewal.  

All orders ship via FedEx Priority Overnight.  We ship this way due to time and temperature restrictions on the sperm preservative included inside of your kit, therefore it is imperative that you open and refrigerate your sperm preservative immediately upon receipt of your kit.  In order to receive Saturday shipping, your order must be placed before 4:00 PM EST on Friday. 

All samples are stored in 1mL vials.  The number of vials per sample depends on the amount of sperm produced in the sample. The average is around 3 vials. Most fertility procedures use between 1-3 vials per fertility attempt, and it could take multiple attempts to produce a pregnancy. Multiple samples are generally chosen by our clients to optimize their chances of parenthood. Multiple kit discounts are available.  

Our kits are appropriate for ages 13 and older. As long as there is a valid concern and the individual is fertile, storage is an option.

Scientists believe that sperm cells can survive indefinitely once they are cryogenically stored as long as the temperature remains stable, which means your sperm remains health and ready to use for as long as you need it.

Other Questions

You are the only person authorized to access your samples, unless you give legal authorization to another individual,  i.e. power of attorney, last will and testament, court order, etc.

Your kit will arrive to you via FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery.  Included in your kit is a vial of sperm preservative. Upon receipt this vial should immediately be stored in the refrigerator until you are ready to collect your sample.  The kit will contain instructions on how to obtain your best sperm sample and the logistics of getting your sample to the lab.

You must collect and ship your sample Monday-Thursday only.  To optimize the final sperm count, collect your sample as late in the day as possible (generally between 3-5pm), leaving time to drop off the kit for FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery to our lab.  Once you ejaculate into the specimen cup, add the sperm preservative solution to your sample and gently swirl the mixture around.  Complete the enclosed Collection Worksheet and place it in the box with your sample.  Slip the CryoChoice box with your sample and Collection Worksheet into the shipping envelope and seal closed.  Take your package to the nearest FedEx shipping location per the written instructions.  Never drop the package in a drop box. 

This happens when you stop producing sperm or when your sperm is damaged and you can no longer impregnate a woman.

There are numerous causes of male infertility including, but not limited to: abnormal sperm production or function, impaired delivery of sperm, general health and lifestyle issues, and exposure to certain environmental factors.


Cancer alone usually does not usually cause infertility.  Particularly testicular cancer and Hodgkin’s disease can cause a man to have a low sperm count even before treatment starts.

Many cancer treatments can cause infertility.  Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can affect your reproductive system and result in infertility.  Age, the type/amount of drugs, the location/dose of radiation, the extent and location of surgery, any preexisting fertility issues, and more can influence your risk.

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