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Who Should Bank

CryoChoice is the first company to offer an effective home collection kit for privately banking your sperm.
Storage of your semen can be viewed as a form of fertility insurance. Frozen sperm may be thawed and used at a future time to have children if you become sterile, or are unable to naturally produce sperm.



Men planning a vasectomy may wish to store samples of their sperm prior to surgery. Preserving samples may allow a man who has been sterilized to have children without undergoing an invasive re-attachment procedure. Learn more about vasectomies here.


Testicular or Prostate Disease or Surgery:

These diseases and surgeries may result in infertility, so prior storage will be a good option. Collection is appropriate for age 14 and older.


Transgender / Hormone Therapy:

Treatment with male or female hormones will reduce sperm count. To assure fertility without having to disrupt treatment, sperm storage is an option. Learn more about hormone therapy and your options by clicking here.


Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy:

Patients who are about to undergo, or are undergoing, these therapies may choose to store their sperm. These treatments may render a man infertile, so storing sperm while it is viable may be a good option. Learn more about male infertility and cancer treatment side-effects by clicking here.


Planning an Insemination Procedure:

Storing sperm prior to an assisted reproductive procedure makes the needed sperm more readily available to the Clinic and with pre measured quality and quantity. Examples of such procedures are:

  • (AI) Artificial Insemination
  • (IUI) Intrauterine Insemination
  • (IVF) In Vitro Fertilization
  • (GIFT) Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer
  • (ZIFT) Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer
  • (ICSI) Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection


Hazardous Material Exposure:

Studies have indicated that on-the-job exposure to hazardous materials may contribute to male infertility. If you work with chemicals or extreme heat, storing samples is a good idea.


Military and High Risk:

Military or Law Enforcement clients choose cryopreservation not for fear of death, but due to exposure to hazardous chemicals, extreme heat and because an injury causing infertility would be heart-breaking. Banking semen also allows opportunities for conception during frequent or prolonged separation from partners.


Fertility Treatment

Sperm analysis and other fertility determining factors can help prospective parents obtain a successful pregnancy. Learn more by clicking here.



When low sperm count is preventing a natural pregnancy, pooling multiple low-count samples will create a higher quality sample useful for artificial insemination. This may aid in creating a successful pregnancy.

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