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What's In A Kit

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Kit Contents:

  • 1. Sterile specimen collection cup
  • 2. Sperm preservative
  • 3. Client Service Agreement
  • 4. Complete collection and shipping instructions
  • 5. Pre-paid return shipping label

All paperwork, collection devices and even the CryoChoice box are labeled with your unique, bar-coded number. This provides positive identification between your computer record, paper forms and your sperm sample. Samples should be collected and shipped to the lab only Monday-Thursday.   Weekend processing is available only by special arrangement.   


How to Collect & Ship

  • 1. The collection cup is sterile and should only be opened immediately prior to use. Collect directly into the collection up. 
  • 2. Open the vial of pink sperm preservative, now at room temperature, and add to the cup.   Swirl the cup to ensure complete mixing of the sample and the solution, as this will improve the viability of your sample.
  • 3. The  sample should NOT be refrigerated once collected. The cup and all kit materials, including the Collection Worksheet should be placed back into the CryoChoice box, and the box should be placed into the shipping envelope. With the pre-paid shipping label securely placed on the envelope,  take it to the nearest indoor shipping location.
  • 4. Your sample will be delivered to the laboratory the next morning for analysis, processing, and storage. 
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