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With two decades of cryogenic excellence and hundreds of successful procedures, our sperm banking clients are more than pleased.


I was about to begin treatment for testicular cancer. My doctor handed me a card for CryoChoice at the time saving sperm was the furthest thing on my mind. My mother is a nurse when I broke the news to her she told me I needed to save my sperm before I started treatment. I was hesitant to call I didn’t have the first clue of what to do. I finally worked up the nerve to call. I spent 45 minutes talking the representative and they explained the process in depth. They were so thorough I wasn’t left with any questions. The collection kits arrived the following day. I have to say that doing this at home made it a much more comfortable and convenient experience. I was surprised that I had results the next day after my collection was done. Thanks CryoChoice for making this a non embarrassing experience.

John S.

Wow, thank you. I found out I was being sent overseas and had less than 5 days to prepare for a 13 month deployment. My wife and I have been trying to conceive since getting married last year. You had the collection kit here the next day; I collected and sent it back that same day. Thank you,

Robert, Ft Bragg, TX

When my son was diagnosed with cancer everything was so overwhelming. So many decisions and so much information all at once. CryoChoice was with us through the ordering, collection and results. There was a young man my son’s age who could give him precise instructions to get the best collection possible. Phone help was available anytime so we didn’t have to be concerned about time zones. We knew when the specimen arrived at the lab and we had test results in 24 hours so the oncologist could schedule the next step in the treatment plan. They even followed up to be sure he had his blood tests done and there was a copy for the records. The representative knew that, what may be routine for one client, was overwhelming for another.

Sarah G., Palo Alto, CA

Dear CryoChoice, I want to thank you for your service, I was a little embarrassed about having to have to collect. Everything was handled so professionally. I was able to ask a CryoChoice representative personal questions and I was never embarrassed. FYI: Baby is due in December Thank you,

Rick, Albuquerque, NM

I had just gotten married a few months prior and was being shipping out in a few weeks. My brother- in-law is an urologist and mentioned it to me. I laughed at first but something he had said just stuck with me. I talked about it with my wife and we agreed. Why not- just in case. I went to one of the local fertility clinics and they explained what and where. They showed me the room (Or at least that was what they called it. It was more like a cold closet.) Then they got to the cost-over a grand for a single collection and several hundred a year. I got home and told my wife never mind. My wife decided to look on the internet for a local clinic that might be a more affordable option but there wasn’t one. She came across CryoChoice by accident. Since that it was a Saturday after 6 we expected to leave a voicemail and someone would call us back during the week but to our surprise we were greeted with a friendly voice. The person on the phone told us that we could collect at home which was better in my mind. Not only that but they proceeded to tell us that I needed to not be exercising and to abstain for at least 3-5 days before. That’s something the clinic left out. I could have paid through the nose and never even had a sample worth keeping. We placed the order on Sun afternoon. I had the kit Tuesday, collected Thursday and had my results on Friday. Best thing about it, a few weeks after I collected, I had a full report. Thank you CryoChoice for putting my wife’s and my mind at ease while I am deployed.

Bill G., Chicago, IL

My son was in the hospital about to undergo treatment for cancer. We were told that the treatment would likely leave him sterile and we should think about banking sperm in case it did. He was much too sick to leave the hospital so we didn’t have a lot of options. We came across CryoChoice and a clinic that would allow us to collect a sample and drive it to them. The clinic wasn’t local and was well over an hour away. CryoChoice was able to ship kits directly to the hospital for collecting at almost two thirds the cost. The people on the phone were very helpful and informative. My son was able to collect 2 samples before he began treatment and we had results that were explained to us in detail promptly after the collection. I am glad we came across CryoChoice and that there is such an option for people who need it. My grandchildren are counting on it.

Marilyn U., Santa Monica, CA

When my wife and I decided our family was complete. I made the appointment for a vasectomy and it was the doctor who recommended storage. CryoChoice was easy and affordable. It’s good to know the option for more children is there if we want it.

Steve and Linda R., Miami, FL

I am unmarried but I hope to have a family in the future. After a friend was diagnosed with Prostate cancer, I realized my “clock” was ticking! CryoChoice gave me a discreet option for storage at a reasonable price.

John T., Atlanta, GA

As an oncology case worker, I am continuously researching information to provide my patients. CryoChoice has provided me with educational materials as well as collection kits to keep on hand. Recently, I had a young man diagnosed with cancer and he wanted to store his sperm. I had the collection kit available and he was able to do his collection within 24 hours, have a result the next day and his chemotherapy was started without delay.

Susan R., Boston, MA

I didn’t know my back surgery could affect my fertility until I went for my surgery consultation. My wife and I thought our family was complete until we heard we might not have a choice. Within 72 hours I had my collection kit done my collection and knew I had a good sample. The gentleman who gave me my results was professional and discreet (didn’t need the whole office knowing what I was doing!). Great customer service and worth the peace of mind.

Donald L., Santa Fe, NM

I would like to thank CryoChoice for their service. My 15 yr old son was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Banking sperm is awkward enough for an adult man, much less a 15 kid. I talked with CryoChoice and I then explained to my son what he had to do. Collecting at home was the only possibility for him. It all went well. Thank you, Concerned Dad

Concerned Dad

El equipo de CryoChoice me dio toda la informacion necesaria y sin apuro. Desde como colectar hasta como podria usar la muestra en el futuro. Para mi fue muy importante hablar con alguien en mi mismo idioma. Muchas gracias!

Rocio, San Diego, CA

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