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The CryoChoice Advantage

Our laboratory Director and Scientific/Medical Advisory Board have over 50 years of combined experience in Reproductive and Cryogenic Medicine.

Convenience . . .

You can produce your sample at the end of the work day in your home. You are not under any pressure or immediate time constraint to donate your sample.


Privacy . . .

This is what most men truly appreciate about our Home Collection Kit. Ejaculating in a clinical setting can be embarrassing and difficult. Some men unexpectedly get "stage fright" and cannot produce a sample. Producing a semen sample in the privacy of your home not only avoids embarrassment, it can also lead to a better and larger sample. Tension experienced in a clinical donor room can create an inhibitory effect and lead to lower ejaculate volume and sperm count.


Time Savings . . .

You do not need to undergo a physician's visit prior to making your donation. This visit will consume about 3 hours of your work day. Making your donation in the privacy of your home saves another 3 hours of traveling to and from the sperm bank.


Cost Effectiveness . . .

We eliminate an expensive physician visit. Our costs for processing and storage are typically less than traditional sperm banks. See our pricing and payment plans.


Service . . .

We have live, trained representatives available 7 days a week to answer your clinical or logistical questions. No other lab offers this level of service.

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