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About Us

CryoChoice has the #1 home collection kit for privately banking your sperm.

About CryoChoice

We are a sperm banking industry leader and proud to offer a cost-effective home collection kit for privately banking sperm. Our Laboratory Director and Scientific/Medical Advisory Board have over 50 years of combined experience in Reproductive and Cryogenic Medicine.


Choice, Affordability, and Quality

With CryoChoice, you have options. You choose either the Standard testing or the Enhanced testing. With Enhanced testing, the morphology of the sperm sample is evaluated and reported. Some fertility specialists value this report.

There is also 6 month payment plan options offered which make banking your sperm affordable and convenient. Order multiple kits and receive discounted pricing.


Accessible Customer Care

For your support, our representatives are available to speak with you during extended hours 7 days per week. Our representatives are professional, courteous and knowledgeable, and do not work on commission and will not pressure you to place an order.


Premium Security

Your sample will be maintained in a stainless steel tank filled with liquid nitrogen. The average temperature in these vessels is -320°F or -190°C. The temperature is constantly monitored by a computer-controlled probe. As an additional precaution, a manual reading is periodically taken. The room containing these tanks is secured by an access control system so only authorized personnel can enter. An alarm system alerts staff if the room’s security has been breached or if the temperature in the tank becomes abnormal. This system also electronically notifies a 24-7 manned call center. Back-up electrical systems keep critical equipment working in case of a power failure. In any event, a full tank can typically hold an adequate temperature without a refill of coolant for approximately five days.


Experienced Professionals

We believe that an informed and educated customer will make the best choice for himself and his family. When you speak with one of our representatives, you’ll never feel sales pressure. We are experts in the field and are happy to answer your questions any time.

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